Tony and Ness – Building The Dream

Tony and Ness – Building The Dream

Tony and Ness – Life after Building the Dream!!

What happened next?? Did we move in??

Did Charlie quit architecture? 


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Tony and Ness – Building The Dream

Life on from “Building the Dream” has still been full of up’s and downs. More tears, excitement, pain and so so much joy!! As the days went by and a year after we finished filming with Building the Dream…. we have moved in!! Exciting stuff!! Tony and Ness (or in this case… Ness who is writing this now) are in our dream home!! – Pictured below!! 👇👇👇

On May 8th (Exactly 7 years after gaining planning permission) We moved into the house. Despite Covid 19 and all the problems that the country faced. We have had to compramise with most shops closed, lack of doors, paint, furniture etc…. But we are in and it is amazing!

More info to follow and a “Finished Final Reveal” – Follow us to keeop up to date with our Journey   

The easiest way to keep up with our journey is via Instagram and their amazing self-build community!!


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Tony and Ness – Building The Dream

  Tony and Ness - Life after Building the Dream!! What happened next?? Did we move in?? Did Charlie quit architecture?       Life on from "Building the Dream" has still been full of up's and downs. More tears, excitement, pain and so so much joy!!...

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