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Hello! We’re Tony and Ness. We’re originally from Essex in the UK but moved to Norfolk, in hopes of escaping the rat race that we’d both fallen into. Tony was previously a builder and Ness was a stay at home mum, loving the spiritual side of life and healing. We continued to live as authentically as we could. Because we were always busy, we were never true to ourselves, our children or our passions. Until one day a change happened…Our awakening!

Back in 2013, Tony had an accident that caused him to spend an entire year out of work. I’m sure we don’t need to tell you that circumstances like that will make anyone take a good hard look at their lives. It wasn’t until that moment that things really changed and we began our crazy life journey. We discovered the knowledge and power that made us re-think everything in our lives in every way. How had we never learnt about the importance of having the correct mindset before? Crazy!

We discovered that all the skills in the world won’t help you unless you know how to apply them. We hadn’t moved to Norfolk and escaped anything. We were simply living the same life in a different area. We realised that we love working together (I know – crazy for a married couple). We are passionate, both professionally and personally, about the same things.

We don’t want to rule the world. We simply want to change it! Growth is an amazing thing. Difficult at times, but so worth it! We want to live in the “perfect world” that we have always dreamed of and we are on a mission to create it! We live a lifestyle of freedom and want to help awaken people to the notion that there is another way. Not only in life and in work but in saving our world, building sustainable homes and just doing things “better”.

We speak from the heart and mean what we say. We are both very down to earth and the sort of people who would natter into the early hours over a glass of wine or a beer. We are passionate about so many things in life and we have our 3 beautiful children, Mia, Ashton and Lyra to thank for this. They give us the drive and determination to better our lives every day, as something in you changes when you become a parent.

We are going to try our hardest to make our vision of creating something “better” happen. So watch out, World! Life is short. So make a difference while you’re here!

Our biggest motivation is to live without regret and to leave this world without the feeling of, “What if we had done this or that?” Life is too short for regrets. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Live for today!

Find out where we are “right now” as we have a self-build underway, importing, building brands and more!