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With the internet booming and growing at an alarming rate, people are forever searching for ways to make a quick buck. Affiliate marketing, Affiliation – Are words that you may have heard, but what is the Meaning of Affiliation?


Affiliation Meaning is defined as

The state or process of affiliating or being affiliated


So are you any clearer?

Basically, Affiliate marketing has been around since the internet. With the means to be able to track buyers, zone places, even advertise to a specific target audience, it is possible to define your target audience to the tiniest detail. Anything is possible with Google and Google analytics.


An affiliate marketer is a person that advertises a product or a service. Whether that be by recommending it, using it or just trying to sell it – They recommend that product or service and if the person buys it, they receive a commission.


So Affiliation meaning is….

Simply the process of selling that product or service. The person advertising the product is an Affiliate and Affiliation is what they do. It’s a fantastic income steam as there is the opportunity to advertise or promote many products without a lot of overheads. Unless you go down the paid advertising route, then you have that cost to consider. If someone is a blogger or already has a great following, then it is ideal for them. Sometimes it can be as simple as “Hey, I’ve tried this new body lotion and my skin feels amazing” Then you link that product which is embedded with a special code so that the supplier knows that sale came from you. Then you earn a commission.


Advertise a Product

Someone Buys That Product

You Receive A Commission

Sellers Love Affiliatitation

If you’re a seller of that body lotion. Having affiliate marketers work for you is a win-win situation. You only pay a commission to your affiliate if they make a sale. No sale – No commision. Think of all the money previously spent on advertising, say in a paper for example, without knowing if you are actually getting any sales from that campaign? With affiliate marketing, you know exactly where those sales are coming from and your affiliate can track how they advertised that product and where that person came from. You would be surprised to hear that generally most of the biggest names on the internet all build their business with affiliation.

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Affiliation is a process to learn and it varies depending on the product that you are affiliating and your suspected buyer. Generally speaking, if you were affiliating a weight loss program, then you would want to advertise to slim and buff people. Once you find your correct audience and people start to purchase your affiliated product, then the commissions roll it. Once you have set this up, in theory, that post, blog, vlog etc…. will keep working for you as time goes on. The hard work is initially, in the beginning, setting everything up, then after that…. it’s simply a case of monitoring everything. That’s what drew us into the idea of affiliation. It’s quite a hands-off business model yet it’s also very addictive. Suddenly, you have the ability to be able to help lots of people and we only ever promote products and services that we love. We have tried and tested them and feel they are spot on 🙂 You also get the chance to make a change to peoples lives. Big or small – People can learn what you have learnt and start making money for themselves. Freeing up their time to have more money and spend more time on the things they love. Some people even make a complete business just affiliate marketing. The possibilities are endless. So why not check out this Free video series. 

There are so many companies that use affiliates, that you really can have your pick. If you’re into makeup, select a store or brand to affiliate. Most have a page on their website explaining their preferred way of an affiliate set up. And you can pick any niche and let your imagination run wild. You’re just bringing a product or service to a person that is in need of it. The internet is a big place and if you get your voice heard in the right place at the right time….. Bingo! 

Affiliation Meaning 

In short, is a method of reselling products and services without ever owning them or touching them. You’re basically a middleman, a salesperson, bringing a product or service to a person that wants it. And if you get it right, you really can make lots of money for very little effort. Affiliate marketing is becoming more popular, people do have to think outside the box as our training gives you the ability to be able to understand the process and how best to deliver your message. Is youtube right for you? Instagram, facebook, blogging, Vimeo, Pinterest, Twitter, Messenger, email, chat forums, etc…. the list goes one. Who knows, you might actually discover something about yourself or even find something you love doing. And when you do, it is effortless. Work is only hard when you do not enjoy what you do. 

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