Gratitude, that little word….. whats it all about? huh?

It’s a funny thing gratitude and something I hear a lot from people is “it is easy to be grateful…..when…..I get the money or my life is easier…etc.” People have the assumption that only rich or successful people can be grateful.

Well, I want to disagree with this, as I do believe it really is possible to be grateful when things are not going your way. Why should your whole outlook change because you struggle to pay for “something” or you can’t but that “treat” you want in life? Some people really do not have the luxuries of either of these, yet we seem to get caught up in our “first world problems”. To be honest, we are lucky to even have the luxury of “first world problems”. Think of ‘others’ who do not even have access to clean drinking water, a home or even food?

Yeah, yeah, I hear you…. but your problems, are your problems and you are not responsible for the starving millions….I do get that?

But have you thought about it from this point of view? Have you tried making light of a bad situation? Do you strive to always make things better for yourself? Are you constantly trying to “better” your life, or do you sit back and “allow” life to lead you? I am sorry to say this, but some people just like to moan about their life, but yet they do not take any action to change this. We were no different and on our journey, path to freedom, enlightenment or whatever you want to call it…. we made a few mindset shifts that totally changed the way we think and view the world.


But how can I be grateful when things keep going wrong? Hmmm…. that is the question.

A few days ago I was in tears as life seemed really tough. We are privileged enough to be part of an amazing community of support. I asked them… “how can you stay positive and motivated when it feels like everything is crashing around you?”

As positive people, we felt like life was swallowing us up. We were drowning in chaos and I was doing everything in my power to keep my head above water. We have had a pretty turbulent year to be fair. Tony lost his dad to Cancer, just after that, I found out I was pregnant, which is a beautiful thing, it was the busiest point in our life we have ever been in and I felt ill, was sick and extremely tired. We started a self-build, that we had to stop as we had run out of money, we had already spent so much money funding it, that we were struggling to keep afloat. Our house sale would solve our financial problems, but sadly we picked a terrible estate agent who we had a catalogue of problems with, we found buyers backed out of the sale after 8 weeks. We had a loan agreed which was revoked due to Brexit, we were trying every avenue with doors being shut in our face and the final straw was when I cracked my screen on my mac, we received a 4k bill and the boiler broke…. all the same day. We were trying to take on some of the most stressful situations…… Selling a house, building a house and having a baby. Plus running businesses, homeschooling/educating, grieving and more!

So what changed?

Gratitude and perspective. We are still in exactly the same position, but I feel happy and content with it. We had a cry, I smudged (a Native American form of clearing) and I am so grateful for my life. So many other’s could only dream of owning their own house, or self-building, or having a child, having a partner, having 2 children, their health…. wow the list goes on and here is me moaning and crying about it. Be thankful for what you have, have a belief that it will all work out and you too can have some perspective in your life. It is true…. there is always someone worse off. For us, our community is a life saver, that coupled with inspirational books and speakers. It is funny how the message you need to hear can just pop up at the right time.

Think of all the things you are grateful for? Your partner, family, house, job, pet, what makes you happy. Write them down and really think on them. Don’t concentrate on the bad things… they are going to happen regardless. Bad things happen to positive people, it’s just the way you deal with them 🙂

Sometimes in your darkest places…. you are growing roots.

So listen to music if it makes you happy, hey have a cry if that helps. But don’t be a “poor me” person. Life is what you make it and you have the choice to feel happy or sad. The choice is yours?

Thank You for reading.... we are 
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