Today, we have mixed feelings. A very good friend of ours has decided to leave our SFM family 🙁

On one hand, we feel extremely sad that Derek is leaving us. Over our time in the SFM we have grown strong friendships with people and Derek is truly one of these people. He has been a joy and we have always had a laugh. Sometimes things just don’t work out for people the way they think it will or it just doesn’t seem to be their passion. Where ever your path takes you it should be one of passion.

Why is it that all the famous entrepreneurs of the world are passionate about what they do? 

Obviously, the SFM is not right for Derek and we understand this…personally, it is something we feel extremely passionate about and love the skills we are learning. We feel we have learnt the skills to market, blog, create or advertise any products that we choose or feel passionate about. Our only problem is that we are passionate about so many things…lol! We have an online shop, home education blog, self-build blog and we are building our own brands too.

On our other hand, we obviously want the best for our Derek and if he is not following his passion, his gut feeling or whatever you want to call it, then we want the best for him. His happiness means the most.

Now Derek has felt his calling and he has gone with his gut which is an admiring thing to do. He has the passion and drive to walk away from the comfort of the familiar world and go out there to get something new and something scary. Life is not always a straight road and there will be bumps and hiccups along the way. But if you are doing something you love or following your path, it will always be an enjoyable one.

When life throws lemons at you, make lemonade

Don’t follow the crowd and be the same as everyone else. Take yourself out of your comfort zone, do something different today. Do something you would not usually do. Do something you love, just because you love it. We could all take a leaf out of Derek’s book….. So find your path in life and walk it, crawl it, run along it, but just stay true to yourself and keep your faith.

What would you do if there were not any limitations? 

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