Think of your brain as a computer, If you do not give it the correct command or don’t put the right code in, it does not work. The same can be said for your brain and speech. What you say aloud is almost like mini messages you give to your subconscious, which is all being processed. Your subconscious will follow the message given.  Speech such as……

I’m not very good at that, We can not afford that, I think it will be ok?, I will try, I hope it goes ok? …. The list goes on……

When you use the above speech, you are telling yourself exactly that! If you say you will try….you are automatically allowing yourself to be able to fail, therefore if it seems hard work, and your subconscious will take the easy route, which is usually not trying very hard as it only has to “Try”.

Top athletes spend years training and visualising what they want. They also speak aloud about their goals. This gives them drive and determination to succeed, yet simple everyday speech in often overlooked.  If you knew that someone was listening to your every word, you would watch what you say….yet people tell themselves negative things all the time without giving it a second thought! Try replacing your language with positivity! Rather than the quotes above, Replace them with ……

I will be the best I can be, when we have the money we will buy….., Everything will be great, I will do….,  It will all be great!

I hope this helps some of you take a step towards positive thought and action. A lot of what we do is programmed from patterns and past experience….you almost live your life on autopilot! Taking steps to change your language, helps tell subconscious that you want to succeed.

Try this….. Get 20 people to ask you how your feeling and you say “Tired and drained”……I am sure that is how you will feel when you’re finished.  Get 20 people to ask you how your feeling and you say “Excellent”……I am sure that is how you will feel 🙂

The law of attraction goes into more depth about this. You attract what you think and feel.

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