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Here’s an overview of the many benefits you’ll get with SFM

Clear, Step-by-step Getting Started Training

As soon as you send in your application, you’ll get access to Module 1 of the Getting Started course, so you can see for yourself how neatly it’s all laid out. You’ll literally just follow each consecutive step, so even if you’ve never heard of online marketing before, you won’t get confused. What I also loved is that each training module is hands-on and engagingly fun, so you can follow them without getting bored to death or wondering how the theory applies in the real world.

Weekly Live Training That’s Value-packed And Fun Too

SFM’s team of marketing experts (who have already achieved great success levels in their own digital businesses) hold a number of live training sessions for the global community each week. They cover every bit of know-how needed to make an online business profitable, so you’ll never feel left in the dark when it comes to marketing tactics that work. And the cherry on top is that these webinars are far from boring – SFM’s team are a colourful bunch of individuals that turn training into an engagingly fun experience.

All The Digital Skills You’ll Need From Basic To Advanced

SFM continues to exceed my expectations because they’re constantly giving members fresh value. They have a cutting-edge platform designed to give you bite-sized How-To’s on all the digital skills you’ll need to operate an efficient online business, and they’re always adding to it as fresh tools and tactics go mainstream. Micro-learning is the way of the future as it’s proven to boost retention rates – you’ll find yourself getting a handle on new skills in about half the time it would normally take.

A Support Team That Genuinely Cares

Most companies these days say they have a dedicated support team to help customers, but when you run into trouble you often find yourself talking to someone that makes you feel as if you’re wasting their time or you’re given generic info that doesn’t address your individual needs. In contrast, what impresses me is that SFM’s support team really care, they go above and beyond when it comes to helping you sort out any technical obstructions so you can stay focussed on growing your business.

Your Own Personal System Consultant

With most online education systems, it’s easy to get overwhelmed because there’s no-one on hand to answer the many questions you’ll naturally have as a newbie. One of the things that blew me away when I joined SFM is that right after you submit your application you get your own dedicated system consultant to email or call whenever you feel confused or uncertain. It’s like having your own personal fitness trainer – they’ll help you reach your personal goals and get the most out of SFM.

Community Of Like-Minded People

As soon as you join SFM you’ll be able to connect with their friendly global community, people learning the ropes and chasing their dreams just like you. You’ll never feel like you’re on your own because there’s a useful live-chat happening 24/7/365. What’s so refreshing is the community genuinely loves to help, from new members giving each other support to advanced members sharing their knowledge. If you need an instant answer to a question, start up a chat thread. If you want a live conversation about a particular topic or need to discuss a current challenge you’re facing, head to the private forum. You’ll be sure to make lots of new friends.

All Your Website Marketing Needs In One Place

Anyone that has dipped their toe into the world of digital marketing will know there are lots of services needed for a strong online presence that appeals to consumers. These include a professional looking website, web hosting, domain names, images (graphics) to make your products and services look good, advertising campaign tracking and testing software – the list goes on. SFM has removed all the hassle by placing all these essential tools in a single cutting-edge platform called Digital Business Lounge (DBL). It makes launching your online business faster and simpler than ever before, plus SFM’s support team are always there to help if you get stuck.

Live Events With SFM Movers And Shakers Around The Globe

SFM hosts a number of live, high-octane events around the world each year, where the founders and community leaders show up to share their secrets of success. In addition to benefiting from insider tricks of the trade, the reason why these events are unmissable is because they literally blow your motivational levels into the stratosphere, making sure you stay on track with reaching your dreams.


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