Can Tapping help you? EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or Tapping works to help release negative energy by tapping on the body’s meridian points. Many “public figures” have claimed tapping has helped immensely including our favourite Wayne Dyer. 
Our “fight or flight” response is your body’s way of telling you something is seriously wrong. For example…..back in caveman times and there is a predator about to eat you……your fight or flight response is activated. It’s your body’s defence mechanism where the adrenal gland realises a hormone to tell your body to fight or flee. The problem is….with the modern day world, there are so many times the “fight or flight” response is being activated, daily for some people due to stress, trauma, injury and so much more. The question is by realising these hormones unnecessary, how much impact does this have on our body? Our minds? Is this holding you back? Do you waste time? Burry your head in the sand? Does your behaviour hold you back? Here is Nick Ortners quick guide to tapping
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We are always on a constant mission to try and improve ourselves, mentally and physically…. we were intrigued by tapping. We believe in energy and the power of thought and speech, so why would tapping not work? Below is a video of Nick tapping with members of the audience, one in particular who suffered from fibromyalgia and they all noticed an improvement….but what is the cause of this issue? How many deep layers does this pain go? I know from my osteopath…. lower back pain often comes from issues with the knee’s, so how much of the pain or other issues that people suffer…..come from stress? Our body is amazing at “getting on with life” even with all the toxins, bad diets, lack of exercise etc…. that we put it through. As someone who has suffered from ME (Myalgic Encephalopathy / CFS Chronic fatigue syndrome) and fibromyalgia, this really interested me…..was my fight or flight response the cause? With everything that has happened in our lives, this must have imprinted in our life somewhere along the line. Tap to realise this…why do you sometimes get annoyed for no real reason? My belief is that it brings up old feelings of a previous issue that you have not dealt with and it has been suppressed, ready to surface again. Tapping can be used in all kinds of scenarios such as…..dealing with stress, anguish over a loved one, losing weight, pain, the list really is endless. Basically anywhere there is a blockage or an issue in life can be treated with tapping. Why not give it a try? I have found ‘Tapping” has really helped me to identify issue’s that I did not even know where there. If you believe in the “law of attraction”? Then could a blockage could be stopping you from moving forward. When you are working with the universe, spirit or god… find your natural flow. I believe tapping has helped me with this….Its opened me up to notice the signs. Enjoy the video below 🙂 And tap away 🙂

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