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It’s funny when people ask you about your life. Where do I start? Do you want our whole life story? Or just the time since Tony and Me have been together?

A snapshot is easiest in my mind. Where we are right now, right here! It’s August 2018. The “About Us” section was written a long time previously. We were a family of 4, with our children Mia and Ashton. There was no Lyra, no Self Build underway (It was simply a dream back then) and there were no Mobile Homes. We thought we were heading in the right direction, little did we know that life certainly had a multitude of hurdles for us to jump over. We are so grateful that we did, as life was downright hard at times and we worked through it as a family, which has only strengthen us. The children were still at school and we were striving for a life of Affiliate Marketers. We saw and totally brought into the “Freedom Lifestyle” and I would say that we have worked towards this goal every day.

So today, we are building our house, which is amazing, exciting, tiring, stressful at times… but worth every bit of energy. We will have an amazing house that is as unique as we are and something that will still be standing…..Creating memories for people, long after we have gone. We home educate Mia who is 14, Ashton who is 8 and Lyra is 1 and a half. Our aim of home educating is to show them that there is a better to live their lives and to bring our their passions in life. We live in a completely different world now, to the one that I grew up in and I don’t want to work all the hours available. Our ultimate aim is “Time Freedom” often called the “New Rich”

After 2 failed house sales, near bankruptcy and holiday letting our bungalow through Airbnb, we are like a phoenix reborn. We sold our bungalow and used some of the capital to invest in “ourselves” – Basically, we started our Import Xpert journey. The journey has been amazing, we went to China with the team, and from there started building brands, changing products and selling on platforms, such as eBay and Amazon.

By Ness 🙂

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